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QL Resources Berhad (3 Years GOLD PARTNERSHIP)

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QL is proud to be a Gold Partner of IJNF, with a minimum pledge of RM150,000 for a 3-year partnership. Through the ‘Good Heart Campaign’, QL (an abridged version of the Chinese phrase Quan Li, which means Benefits For All) is committed to produce nourishing food for consumers, support IJN Foundation though funding and help raise public awareness on heart health.

QL is the largest eggs producer in the ASEAN region with almost 5 million eggs daily, across our operations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Being one of the leading egg producers in the Malaysian market with a daily production of 3.2 million eggs, we at QL continues to invest in nutrition research, farming technology and product development in order to bring quality food products to its consumers. QL Eggs stand for quality of freshness, cleanliness and nutrition.

QL Eggs are produced with specially formulated feed, enhanced bio-security, and stringent quality screening processes.The result is QL Eggs that are natural, nutritious and fresh, containing more than 10 vitamins and minerals and high quality proteins.













QL Omega eggs are enriched with Omega-3, which is associated to reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) 1, including heart attack and stroke2. Moreover, QL Omega and QL Deli Fresh eggs have up to 40% lower cholesterol3. To learn more about QL Eggs, please log on to www.qleggs.com.

For delicious egg recipe ideas, check out www.qlkitchen.com!